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My sister was blessed to have been represented by such a wonderful, caring, understanding individual. We made the best choice we could have ever made by hiring Jeff brown to prove my sister's innocence. Jeff has the knowledge, determination, and wisdom, but most of all he has a heart. He is such a caring individual who puts all his mighty effort into fighting for what he believes is right. Without his representation my sister could have been sentenced up to 30 years for child abuse. A crime she didn't even commit. We appreciate all he did over the course of a year long fight and we will forever be grateful to him. He managed to get all charges dismissed and he allowed my sister to live a normal life.


I hired Jeff Brown to help me with a case out of a Justice of the Peace Court. I couldn't be happier with him and the outcome of the case. Jeff Brown is smart, he's experienced, he's savvy, and he's affordable! I couldn't have asked for a better attorney.


Not only an awesome person, but one hell of an attorney! … I was accused of domestic violence by strangulation which is a felony charge. After I was released from jail I met with my attorney Jeff Brown and we went over the facts of the case. 12 Days Later the state's attorney had finally built their case in the system and assigned a prosecutor. within two days, Jeff Brown had gotten my case totally dismissed. I got to witness Jeff in action when I had to go in front of the judge and ask him to grant me permission to leave the state for my job. Jeff is so pleasant and so personable. Everyone in the courtroom just loved him. you could tell by the way they treated him with respect and the way they spoke to him.


Knew my case very well. Very responsive to my questions. Quick dismissal. In and out, a really great guy. Awesome working with him.


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